Bypass location-based IP blocking with a VPN.

Access Blocked Websites From Ireland

Many websites restrict access to users with Irish IP addresses. VyprVPN allows you to generate an IP address that originates from any of our global VPN server locations. Access your favorite websites, secure your Internet connections and encrypt all data you send and receive.

Restore your online freedom. Choose a server location in a different country and browse the internet safely and securely.

Internet Privacy in Ireland

Maintain your privacy and speed in Ireland by keeping your ISP from inspecting, prioritizing and throttling the data sent to and from your device. With VyprVPN your ISP won't see the websites you visit, the videos you watch, who you email, who you instant message or what you download or upload. Third parties in Ireland will only see encrypted VyprVPN traffic.

Protect your data and secure your Internet connection with VyprVPN.

Defeat Data Retention

VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection and prevents your government from viewing your online activity, communications, location, IP address and traffic. Without a VPN, your network activities are subject to government surveillance and data collection performed by your ISP and other service providers.

VyprVPN offers users access to an unrestricted Internet and achieve privacy.

Personal Data Protection on Irish Wi-Fi Hotspots

When you connect to wireless hotspots in Ireland and around the world third parties can steal your personal information. VyprVPN scrambles your browsing activity, passwords and emails to prevent data sniffers from reading them. Add a layer of security to your mobile browsing and Internet communication with VyprVPN.

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